crue iq is building the most unique collection of benchmarking data and insights, anywhere.

about crue iq

Companies need more useful benchmarking data. During his 15 years of management consulting and performance management, founder Joe Berish has experienced frustration with a lack of useful benchmarking data and the power that effective benchmarking can have on companies and industries. He steered a transformative report in the automotive industry based on a co-active benchmarking model. This report has become the gold-standard that helped transform the industry. The algorithms he developed are generating insights and informing companies how to remain competitive to this very day.

Co-active benchmarking is the process by which companies share data with one another. Companies can gain tremendous value from co-active benchmarking and these collaborative opportunities are hard to find. That’s why Crue IQ's mission is to grow the most accessible and unique collection of benchmarking data and analytical tools, anywhere.

what to expect

our co-active approach to benchmarking IS A 5-STEP, SEAMLESS PROCESS

Step 1: Discovery

We will start with a discovery call where we get to know each other and determine if Crue IQ is right for you. Even if we decide that it’s not, we are happy to add you to our network and reach back out if a new project launches that better aligns with your needs.

Step 2: Onboarding

If we’re a match, the onboarding process begins! We’ll work together to develop a project charter including scope, blind or open exchange, duration, methodology, and budget.

Step 3: Socialize

We’ll reach out to our one-of-a-kind network to secure collaborators and add it to the list of projects that are in development.

Step 4: Launch

Our team will finalize participation with collaborators, sign contracts, and begin data collection and validation.

Step 5: Delivery + Ongoing Collaboration

Data, best practices, and insights are exchanged based on our agreement. As our network grows, more contributors and collaborators can be invited to participate, resulting in data that is constantly updated, relevant, and timely.

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